The World's First Liquid Testosterone Booster Shot



Jimmy Esebag, a pioneer well-known for spearheading the licensing of the PLAYBOY brand name, selling well over a Billion at retail and exporting to over 130 countries now has a new name and product line: DR.BOOST™. DR.BOOST™ is revolutionizing the health industry by bringing supplements in liquid shot form to the mass market. DR.BOOST™’s premier product is the first ever liquid testosterone booster shot, which uses a groundbreaking formula and premium ingredients backed by clinical studies. The fact that the entire line of supplements is in liquid form is an extreme advantage due to how the human body ingests liquids as opposed to pills.

“Most existing products on the market today have limitations,” says founder Jimmy Esebag. "There is a niche in the health industry that has endless opportunities to grow. We could not be more proud of the full product range which will soon be in stores to ‘boost’ the everyday health and well-being of our customers.”

DR.BOOST™ has revolutionized the health and wellness industry by developing a full line of everyday supplements in liquid shot form, optimizing ingestion into the human body as well as solving convenience and accessibility challenges for the consumer. DR.BOOST™ liquid shots are being presented to key retailers in the coming weeks and will be broadly available in drug, mass, supermarket and convenience outlets beginning in late 2017. DR.BOOST™ offers convenient value for everyday needs and is looking to win customers through the quality and efficacy of its products, as well as its upbeat message of vitality.